Prasanna Vithanage
Film Director / Producer

For the post production of my fourth film ‘Ira Madiyama’ (The August Sun), we found out about a post production facility headed by Shyaman Premasundara with the very latest sound technologies at the time such as DTS and Dolby. It would have been a very expensive undertaking to take all artists to India to post synchronize the audio tracks, but we satisfactorily completed this work in Sri Lanka, due to the untiring efforts taken by Shyaman and his team.

I entrusted Shyaman with the offline edit of the film ‘Machan’, produced by me. Italian director Uberto Passolini and British film editor Masa Hiro who were involved with the filmmaking were thoroughly impressed by the capabilities and facilities provided by Shyaman and his production house.

Shyaman is one of the best editors and post production experts in the country who is well aware of the latest technologies and innovations of the international filmmaking industry, and I wish him all the best.

Asanka Edirisinghe
Executive Producer
E. A. P. Films & Theatres (Private) Limited

The dialogue track for ‘Ira Madiyama’ (August Sun), was the first time where a legitimate DTS soundtrack had been integrated to a Sri Lankan film, and as such we would like to thank Mr. Shyaman Premasundara not only for his technical expertise, but also his creative input. His knowledge in the subject and his attention to minute details is greatly appreciated by us. We were able to complete the work satisfactorily, saving money and time by not having to carry out post production in India.

Somaratne Dissanayake
Film Director, Cine Filmslanka

I selected Shyaman as the audio-visual editor of my film ‘Suriya Arana’ as I knew that only an editor with above average creativity, someone daring enough to take up experimental challenges could handle a film of such magnitude. The visual editing and soundtrack of the film were delivered to international standards. The film went on to win the most number of national awards that year, including that of sound editing, and also went on to gain international acclaim. ‘Suriya Arana’ broke many box office records as one of the most popular films in the history of Sri Lankan cinema, with Shyaman’s contribution being a major factor of the success of the film.

Not only in films, but also in the commercial field, Shyaman tops the list, as his talent and contribution has helped many audio-visual creations to win national and international awards. Shyaman is an asset to the creative world.